SDN Armidale 2021 Workshop Flyer

SDN Armidale 2021 Workshop Flyer

Covid-19 awareness is required
All attendees must be double vaccinated
Hannas Arcade, Beardy Street, Armidale, NSW, 2350

If you are interested in promoting social change, community development, co-operation strategies, or personal growth, consider attending the Next Social Developers' Network Workshop.

Uncovering and honing skills and strategies for being an effective catalyst for social change.

If you can think globally, act locally and be personal, become part of a future workshop's dynamic agenda.

Workshop Report
Participants photo in the Hannas Arcade Armidale

All 12 participants in front of the famous stain-glass window at Hanna’s Arcade in Armidale.  From left – Michael, Carl, Karla, Harry, Elspeth, Barbara, Joan, Dave and Carol.  Front row – Helen, Kate and Tom.

Annual SDN workshops are usually held in January, however due to the pandemic this one was postponed to April.  Michael Maher, our local host, made special arrangements, with the result that this workshop was unusual.  All catering was provided (not self-catering as is normal), out-of-towners were accommodated at the Country Comfort Motel, and we met in a room at Hanna’s Arcade in the heart of Armidale – not like the more rustic surrounds in which we usually hold SDN workshops.

The workshop program was developed on the first full day and topics ranged from karma and death to relationships and philosophy.  We visited Pilliga in one presentation and in another we contemplated humanity’s phase shift.  The concept is from the futurist Daniel Schmachtenberger

Our dinners were at local restaurants – Vietnamese, Nepalese, Thai and Indian, outings were to Gara Gorge and Saumarez Homestead, and a music concert was held one evening, featuring four of us.  This workshop was truly unbeatable value.  They seem to be getting better and better.  Just don’t miss the next one!

Fourteen presentations, 12 participants, an urban setting, and a band providing entertainment.

Some comments:

  • “Everyone contributed evenly and respectfully”.
  • “Real conversations with real people”.
  • “A level of honesty and disclosing that makes for potential new relationships”.
  • “It’s different from anything else I’ve done – would like a thematic workshop”.
  • “Stimulating content with old and new friends”.
  • “Please share links, I’m keen to get stimulating information”.
And the band played…. SDN evening concert.  From left – Dave, Carol, Michael and Harry.

And the band played…. SDN evening concert.  From left – Dave, Carol, Michael and Harry.

Workshop Follow Up
Photo of 5 SDN-ers soon after the April SDN workshop

Soon after the April SDN workshop, a few SDNers got together. The photo shows Joan McCarthy, Harry Creamer, Dave Smith and Jane Purkiss, with Carol Baker in the front row. We met for afternoon tea at Carol and Dave’s home in Port Macquarie.

Workshop Details
Workshop Name: 
SDN Annual Workshop 2021 Armidale
Workshop Location Map: 

Armidale, NSW, 2350

Workshop Begins: 
Fri April 23, 2021
Workshop Ends: 
Wed April 28, 2021
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At Venue
Direct deposit
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