We are interested to document the experiences of participants at the SDN Workshops.

Soon after a workshop while it is fresh in your mind is the best time to share your experience.
We invite you to take part in an interview via Zoom. Zoom is an online video application that allows us to interview you and record in a very easy way. 
The video and audio of the zoom session will not normally be published, only the text transcript will be, and only after you, the participant has reviewed, perhaps altered, and approved it for publication. Publication will be on the SDN website and into social media.
Interviews are for a period of time you feel comfortable with. We suggest 30 minutes of recording within a 45 minutes Zoom call. We interview participants one at a time. 
Here are some examples of the sorts of questions we might ask you:
  • You recently attended the SDN 2020 Annual workshop. What motivated you to attend?
  • Without going into details of sessions led by others, tell us your experience of what happens at an SDN workshop.
  • Can you give an example of how SDN has supported you in your social development endeavours?
  • Please tell how you would like to be supported more, going forward, now that the workshop has ended.
  • Has the workshop changed you in any way?
Please use our contact form to initially express your interest. We can then arrange a phone chat to set up a time and answer any further questions you might have. 
If you are not familiar with Zoom you can watch a video to learn how to Join a Zoom meeting:
We can explain further how to use Zoom, if you need to be stepped through that.