A Video For Our Time

During the SDN 2022 workshop in May, film-maker David ‘Sal’ Salomon interviewed leadership development designer and facilitator Mark Spain about his experience of the workshop and SDN in general.

While just one window into SDN, the interview has been described by Michael Maher in glowing terms:

It is a fantastic video and Mark has expressed all the micro-macro sentiments that arise through SDN workshops in an articulate and personal way. The professional approach David has produced is refreshing – precisely the style that is much needed to communicate the value SDN offers. The whole thing is very exciting.

For his part, Mark says the video needs to be positioned in a range of diverse stories that frame an SDN workshop as a unique experience, fine-tuned over many years. The video and others should be used as a way of framing an SDN workshop to a new audience looking for fresh perspectives to the challenges Australia faces. Our messaging and stories need to be compelling to new people and a new generation of social developers.