Four Posts is a beautiful natural setting on a bend in the Edward River some 8 kilometres South East from Deniliquin. It is an area used by drovers in the past to rest and overnight their stock. Crown Land with many trees and small lagoons offering clean water and shelter, it became a Scout camp site for a short time. Continually vandalised by people who had nothing better to do, it has now been transformed into a most effective youth camp. Thanks to a very dedicated community committee instigated by the Lions Club of Deniliquin, with the help of other service clubs and many community minded people, it now operates most successfully, organising and running this facility for youth generally.

Traveling along the dry, dusty road which leads off the bitumen road from the town and leading into the Tuppal Forest, over a dry, the track winds on among the giant red gums and box eucalypts - you may even see some kangaroos - before reaching the plateau on the banks of the Edward River itself.

Many amenities have been added over time to the naturally beautiful setting. Here we find the living quarters, the necessary ablution blocks, various sporting facilities, mini golf, canoeing, fishing, swimming, boating and even an open air chapel in a quiet corner under the trees. There are sandy beaches with natural boat launching sites, picnic tables and places just to sit and contemplate the beauty of the flora and fauna surrounding the area. To watch the birds cavorting on the river, fish jumping from the water and creating whirlpools as they dash for the tasty insects drinking from the water.

Sheltered from the burning sun by a vast canopy of trees, one can take in the smells of the river, the tall eucalypts, and the food cooking, and sometimes the dead carp that have been caught and thrown up on the bank - phew! While sitting and contemplating the overall beauty, we remember that just across the river, all part of the Tuppal Forest, is the home of the almost extinct southern 'hairy nose wombat' - deep in the forest, signs of the habitation of these indigenous animals have been discovered - burrows and signs of fairly recent activity - but no actual sightings have yet occurred - pity. We scan the sky and comment on clouds gathering on the horizon and pray for the rain that never seems to come.

Four Posts Recreation Reserve Camp is run by a community-based committee, with loads of volunteers and two very dedicated caretaker managers. It now benefits the whole of this community plus all school groups and youth sporting bodies and their like from around the country.