Tina Lathouras, Tony Kelly, Kath McLachlan and Harry Creamer

Image: Tina Lathouras, Tony Kelly, Kath McLachlan and Harry Creamer at the CD‐QLD Conference.

The November 2019 Social Developers' Network Newsletter is attached for download.

In this issue:
  • Join us in January for the 2020 annual workshop.
    • Leafy campus, on‐site accommodation, large kitchen, dining and meeting spaces, and a pastoral location.
  • Queensland Community Development (CD‐QLD) Conference - October 2019.
    • SDN was represented by Kath McLachlan and Harry Creamer.
    • 4 Core Values of Community Development: Embrace inclusion, Build relationships, Give voice (when there is silence), Unlock the power or truth (speak truth to power).
    • More information
  • What is community development?
  • SDN in Canberra
    • A small group of SDN regulars in Canberra, led by Christine Larkin, organised a meeting for newcomers to SDN, hosted by Judy Angus
    • Current concerns were shared ‐ overcoming social isolation in a country town, building stronger neighbourhoods in the suburbs, engagement with Aboriginal people, and issues for grandparents being carers for grandchildren.
  • David Purnell’s Hiroshima Day address in Canberra – 6 August 2019
    • As the risk of a nuclear arms race rises, we must commit ourselves to the task of reversing the trend towards global disaster.
  • Harry’s blog
    • Right now, the topic de jour seems to be how to cope with living in a ‘post truth, post shame’ world.
    • No doubt you’ve been miffed by fake news, the power of social media and the new normal.
  • Do you know any good venues for SDN small‐group workshops?
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