Lynne Hosking - poem about the Pilliga

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  • The annual SDN Workshop is rescheduled for 23-28 April in Armidale.
  • Despite 2020 being a year of logistical difficulty we were able to run a small regional SDN workshop on the mid north coast of NSW last September.
  • The NED Foundation is committed to fostering the growth of restorative practice (RP) across society with the aim of nurturing and sustaining a community of practice, and facilitating networking between practitioners.
  • A pandemic should not be an invitation for pandemonium. It’s a wake-up call and when it ends, there should be no return to business-as-usual.
  • I’m [Harry Creamer] reading a book recommended by fellow SDNer Karla Meyer in Armidale – Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari.
  • Another SDNer at Armidale, Kevin Dupe, is the CEO of Regional Australia Bank. He wrote in his 2020 newsletter to bank customers ..., [see newsletter]
  • Andrew Gunner attended the January 2020 SDN workshop near Melbourne. ... [see newsletter]
  • Veteran SDNer Joan Morgan McCarthy has done it again! She’s published another book. The Practical Book of Ceremonies for the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Armidale environmentalist, poet and SDNer, Lynne Hosking has written a poem about the Pilliga. [See image]