Participants at the 2020 SDN workshop near Melbourne

Image: Participants at the 2020 SDN workshop near Melbourne

The April 2020 Social Developers' Network Newsletter is attached for download.

The main theme of the Newsletter is our hopes for a better future arising out of the current crisis.


  • An invitation to share our ideas - at
  • An invitation to join the first SDN-Wide Zoom session on 1 May.
  • A report on the January 2020 SDN Workshop at the Don Bosco Retreat Centre Lysterfield, east of Melbourne.
  • An announcement of the fifth book from Veteran SDNer Joan Morgan McCarthy - "Behind the Label: The Naked Truth”.
  • A self-reflection focusing on a new definition of solitude, from Ray Rauscher - "Quietness in Corona Time”.
  • A reminder of the opportunity we have to sustain and grow community via virtual connections, from Mary Porter - "An opportunity we must not squander “.
  • An invitation from Chris Larkin to join into a new program, The Reset Reading Group, that will stimulate discussions about how we can build a better world and what it might look like.
  • A reminder from Lesley Shuttleworth of the availabilty and focus of the NED grants program, and how to submit your project idea - at
  • An introduction to “Two Brothers Walking”, the new documentary from David Salomon, now available at
  • A report from Tina Lathouras of highlights from the 2019 conference of Queensland Community Development. The theme was "A Place for Everyone”.
  • A request for us to provide suggestions for good venues for the 2021 workshop, perhaps in Brisbane.