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September 23: Embracing Openness: A Perspective on Impactful Activism - with Harry Creamer

Join me for a captivating episode as Harry shares his SDN journey. He explores how SDN workshops foster personal growth, community ties, and effective activism. Discover the power of vulnerability and emotional openness in driving change. Harry's journey, from climate change to grassroots activism, offers insights into individual roles in global transformation. Tune in to explore emotional authenticity and democratic governance.

August 2023: Rethinking Education: A Journey Towards Equity and Empathy - with Noel Holmes

As we embark on a journey through Noel's experiences and insights, we're invited to challenge traditional norms and consider the profound impact of tailored education. Join us in this episode as we explore how individualized approaches, empathy, and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements, shifting the paradigm of learning and empowering students to reach their fullest potential.

August 2023: The Power of Deep Listening: Conversations on Cultural Awareness and Meaningful Connections with Lesley Shuttleworth

Join David and Lesley in a captivating podcast episode as they discuss how different cultures do human connections, social responsibilities, and personal growth. With Lesley's unique insights from South Africa and Australia, this episode explores how we co-create our identities within the framework of our community. #CoCreation #Relationships #SharedHumanity #DeepListening #Transformation #SDNWorkshop #EmbraceUnity

August 2023: Journey of Healing and Collaboration: A Conversation with Mark Spain

In this episode, Mark Spain shares his journey as a steward of the land, emphasizing regenerative practices and leadership development. He discusses his current project, "Regenerate Yirrubadala," aimed at healing the land and its people post-bushfires. Mark reflects on his introduction to SDN through a transformative workshop, and the value of vulnerability in fostering open communication within a group.

July 2023: The Social Shift: Inspiring Community Development

Joan McCarthy is a passionate advocate for social development and community empowerment. The Whitlam years sparked her commitment to making a difference in the world. Her insights from an SDN study tour to China, brought fresh perspectives on leadership and collaboration. Experiences in remote communities reveal the challenges and triumphs of creating positive change.

July 2023: SDN Podcast Trailer

Welcome to ”The Social Developers’ Network Podcast,” or simply SDN podcast. The podcast where personal and social development converge in pursuit of a better world. We are a non-profit, free association of individuals committed to fostering positive change and growth.

In our initial episodes, we have the privilege of sitting down with people who have played integral roles in the SDN. They are a diverse collection of professionals in NGOs, community organisations, public service and private practice. Through national and regional workshops, we come together to share knowledge our experiences, develop and refine our practices and recharge our energy.

Our goal is to support each other in achieving a sense of fulfilment. It’s about agency, both individually and the communities we support. We constantly reevaluate our values and methods, aiming to build an inclusive and caring world that coexists harmoniously with a healthy natural environment.

Joining our network is open to everyone who resonates with this approach, and there are no financial barriers to becoming a member. Our workshops are run on a non-profit basis, and we make every effort to minimise costs, prioritising the value of collective growth and learning.

”SDN” has a rich history dating back to 1975, when two close friends, John Russell and Ned Iceton, organised the first workshop with like-minded individuals interested in social change. As our community expanded, so did the concept of social development. Ned initiated a newsletter to bridge the gap between workshops, leading to regional gatherings and eventually the inaugural national workshop in 1980. Join us on this journey of growth and transformation as we strive to create a world that embraces inclusivity, compassion, and sustainable progress.

Listen to ”The Social Developers’ Network” podcast to embark on a life-enriching experience filled with valuable insights and inspiring stories from our passionate community. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

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