We encourage your online engagement with past, current and future SDN participants.

The digital world is home to a new generation of Social Developers.

SDN has much to offer and much to learn, in Digital Space.

The opportunities so far:

SDN Facebook page

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SDN Public Facebook group - Social Developers Online Connection (link is external)

SDN has a public group - Social Developers Online Connection (link is external). This group is for anyone who has attended an SDN Workshop in the past, and also for people who have an interest in Social Development. We welcome your engagement.

The aim of the SDN Public Facebook Group

  • Encourage online exploration and questioning into Social Development by people already engaged in Social Development work, and those who might not otherwise have been exposed to the work.
  • Encourage digital connection between Social Developers, and their projects.
  • Encourage self reflection and sharing of stories of success and challenge.
  • Encourage mutual support and engagement.
  • This Social Developers' Online Connection Facebook Group is created and maintained by the Social Developers' Network (SDN).

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Ned Iceton Home Page

Ned Iceton was a mentor to many people. This page is a resource bringing together all that is known online about him.

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Social Development Inspiration

This page is intended to introduce the notion of 'Social Developer', provide links to resources that help us to understand the work of social developers, and make the contribution of particular social developers more visible. The longer term vision for the page might be to form initiative to create a Course in Social Development, perhaps delivered online, via the SDN Hub. Your engagement with the page will encourage the unfolding of that vision.

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