The inspiration for the Social Developers' Network and the NED Foundation is based on the following perceptions:

  • That the earth and human species face a crisis of survival.
  • That we all need to use our potential for inner growth for the benefit of all.
  • That citizen involvement must be the primary purpose of our next evolutionary step.
  • That we need to participate regularly in retreats and workshops to review our goals and objectives.

The Social Developers' Network is a non-profit, free association of people with a commitment to personal and social development.

The vital and central component of SDN membership is participation in recurrent workshops. Each workshop provides an open space for people to share from their own experience and to gain from that of others. Participants each discuss a wide range of self-chosen topics, covering everything from personal, through philosophical, professional, operational and practical issues.

The critical focus of all SDN workshops is the balance we arrive at between the personal, the group's 'family spirit', and the wider 'all-of-society' view. To assist us in this transition, the SDN has over many years established a cumulative and evolving culture of effective and supportive processes, reference guidelines and a core of experienced members – wherein lies the true wealth of our network. We create a culture of support and fairness, honesty and insight.

SDN workshops may challenge our views about ourselves and the world. This is, on a personal and social level, for those engaging actively and sincerely in the issues of our times. Beyond this the SDN culture is at its core one of mutual appreciation and energising group wholeness.