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Since Ned and John Russell started the network in the 1970s, the key offering for people committed to personal and social change has been the annual and regional workshops. SDN workshops have now been held every year for over forty years.

The 2017 annual workshop was at Seymour, north of Melbourne - a session summary is included below.

The 2018 annual workshop will be held at Uralla, near Armidale, from 17-21 January – make a note in your diary.

SDN workshops have no office bearers.  What we have instead are self-starter members, and much depends on the role played at any given time.  Key members may emerge, fade and re-emerge from time to time, depending on where they’re at.  SDN is not a commercial professional service,  and every participant accepts responsibility for being part of a shared citizen experience.

What to expect

What can you expect during the course of a typical SDN workshop? We have prepared some preparatory information for those intending to attend their first workshop.

The SDN agreement or 'contract'

Our agreement or 'contract' has been, and will continue to be, revised over the years as our 'network culture' evolves. It is used and referred to during workshops as an underlying basis to assist through the complexities and occasional difficulties which can arise.

Workshop email notifications

SDN holds a main annual workshop, and periodic local workshops. Circulars are emailed to all active members, and other likely participants. Should you wish to receive this circular, please advise us.

Workshop registration

We are trialling online registration. Online registration is now open for the 2018 Annual Workshop. Or, if you wish to attend the Workshop, or simply enquire further, please contact us.

Next SDN Annual Workshop

Location: Uralla, near Armidale, NSW
Dates: 17-21 January, 2018

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Recent SDN Regional Workshop

Location: Catalina Conference Centre, NSW (Near Newcastle)
Dates: 8-10 September, 2017

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