The SDN Contract

This is the SDN agreement or 'contract' that has been, and will continue to be, revised over the years as our 'network culture' evolves. It is used and referred to during workshops as an underlying basis to assist through the complexities and occasional difficulties which can arise.

  1. We promise each other to preserve the confidentiality of anything personal that may be discussed.
  2. We intend to listen to, and receive, each other.
  3. We intend to see it as 'OK' for each of us to be who we are, at the point we are 'at'.
  4. We intend to offer ourselves as the person we are and to offer whatever we have, and thus make it possible for us to experience each other authentically.
  5. We accept responsibility for making necessary changes in ourselves.
  6. We agree to express our personal response to the decisions or behaviour of others with which we are unhappy, or else remain silent and accepting.
  7. We intend to help each other learn what we each want to learn, or need to learn; yet at the same time we intend to consciously control nobody but ourselves.
  8. We promise the group that we'll ask for whatever we want, or accept the responsibility for not asking.
  9. We accept our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts - and our spiritual or mystical experiences - as valid aspects of our own and others' humanness. When we get upset we are free to say 'yes' or 'no' to those who would 'pat us down' (ie, stop us from experiencing this upset).
  10. We intend to meet group members' needs in the order of their urgency and our individual and group readiness to work on them.
  11. We intend to allow group members their personal choice of focus, whether 'macro' or 'micro', in their individual workshop sessions.