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We aim to assist each other to achieve personal fulfilment, while seeking ways to contribute to society's well-being through constantly revising our values and methods. We seek to build an inclusive, caring world within a healthy natural environment, and see this as a way to ensure a future for all humanity.

From diverse backgrounds, cultures, occupations, and beliefs, we meet at the annual national workshop (usually in January) or regional ones, to contribute and share our knowledge and experiences, where we each renew and refresh the energy and purpose of our own life journey.

Between workshops we keep in touch with each other through personal contact, surface mail, email, our website and an occasional newsletter. From our network of over 20 years of SDN workshop participants, we endeavour to provide a wide range of assistance, expertise and contacts to our members throughout Australia and the world.

If you wish to download information on the Social Developers' Network for viewing off-line, or sharing with others, we attach a PDF file which contains the SDN Brochure.

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