The Social Developers' Network is pleased to announce a regional workshop at Adelaide in November.

As with all SDN workshops, the aim of this one is to come together to create a community of participants and explore forms of personal, social and community development in an atmosphere of trust, enthusiasm, caring and informal learning with new ideas.

The workshop will provide an open space for people to share from their own experience and to gain from that of others. Participants discuss a range of self-chosen topics, covering anything from personal through philosophical, professional, operational and practical issues. This way, SDN workshops offer an experience of community and an atmosphere of hope and renewal for people looking for a better world.

We hope you can join us in Adelaide next November.

Note: this is not the annual SDN workshop – that will be held as usual in January, probably in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW. More details later in the year.

Your invitation is attached as a PDF.

Harry Creamer
SDN Network Coordinator

Please use our contact form to enquire about the workshop.